For auld lang syne, ..high-end companies you really liked that are gone....

’tis that time of year. Another year nearly gone and a new one full of land mines ahead...etc. I thought I would ask, what companies are now gone that were a part of you audio history? Mine would be:

Nakamichi (when they were doing some high end stuff, N. Pass)
Sony....same thing, when they were doing some high end, esp. early CD players
Classe """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
California Audio Labs

And please add to this list. Now some of these I mentioned do exist, but are not now really two-channel/stereo "high-end"

Have a good and safe New Year holiday.

Classe is still around albeit bought out. And maybe changed? I was corresponding with Dick Nauber but their products may not be as good now.
I own a ton of Straightwire. Original Cresendo IC's and speaker cables and others . They are still around in Hollywood, Fl... I was not aware of any company changes.
Companies still in business, but no longer in home audio (in the USA):

Hitachi, Philips,Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, Braun, Mitsubishi, 

Phase Linear when Carver was still early in his career. Great gadgetry such as the Autocorrelator for noise reduction, peak unlimiter, and lots of power in his amps. My entry ticket to hi-fidelity as a young-un. My younger sister started off with Carver equipment. Does he still sell under his own name?