For auld lang syne, ..high-end companies you really liked that are gone....

’tis that time of year. Another year nearly gone and a new one full of land mines ahead...etc. I thought I would ask, what companies are now gone that were a part of you audio history? Mine would be:

Nakamichi (when they were doing some high end stuff, N. Pass)
Sony....same thing, when they were doing some high end, esp. early CD players
Classe """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
California Audio Labs

And please add to this list. Now some of these I mentioned do exist, but are not now really two-channel/stereo "high-end"

Have a good and safe New Year holiday.

Amber and Bedini! I still have amps/preamps from both companies!
ROYD speakers

“... “The best loudspeakers you’ve never heard of…”

As went the infamous tag line of Royd Audio, whose loudspeakers were an underrated gem of the British Hi-Fi industry. Each pair was hand built by Joe Akroyd in Telford, UK from the early ’80s until the start of the 21st Century. Over this time, Joe produced many unique and exceptional loudspeakers, all of which captured the hearts of their owners. Regret only came to those who sold them on prior to a misjudged upgrade…”