For Arcam Users

Hi Guys:
I presently have an Arcam Diva A85 Integrated and a matching P85 Power Amp bi-amping a pair of Castle Conway3. I'm happy with what I'm hearing but I'm wondering would upgrading to something like the A32 and the P35 in the FMJ line give me any sonic benefits and if so what would they be. The power output is only up by 15 watts in the FMJ combo in comparison to the Diva combo. Then on the other hand what if I was to go with a Musical Fidelity A 3.5 or an A5 would that be better than the Arcam gear.
Thanks Ross
I have used Alpha 10's and a AVR100 with Castle. I can't tell you if the upgrade from Diva's is worth it because I haven't had them. Nor, have I had the Music Fidelity's.

But judging by the upgrades I've made through the Arcam line, you are not going to hear significant differences, just a little bit of added refinement if you go to an A32 and a P35.

Probably useless, I know. But, I hope it helps.

Jim S.