For ARC lovers, Problems?

I had a ref 6 which I liked a lot and had no problems with. I upgraded to the ref 10 which sounded appreciably better but I ended up with a number of problems that I could no longer tolerate. I have a new pre which is very good but is not nearly as exciting as the audio research sound.
From your experience with Audio Research is this a good idea going back to the ref 6 with the hope of upgrading it to the SE? Or will I regret it due to reliability issues? There are pages on Audiogon concerning ARC reliability issues and I don't want to jump feet first into another expensive audio quicksand.
Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I can tell you that audio research gear made prior to 2000 is a very awesome product and the company founder was still directly involved at that time. The sound and build quality is better than the new arc stuff.
Ive been struggling with an ARC problem for over a year. A brand new set of ARC tubes keeps blowing one at a time, and the tube power supply has had issues too.

ARC has been gracious about taking care of it, but its been on multiple trips to the factory.

Never had a problem before, but since it started with the last retube, its been a constant issue. 

I purchased a Pass Labs amp in its place, but I so miss the ARC amp.
I own several ARC pieces, and just recently sold a REF40.  The main stuff is all current REF SE series, except for the 160S.  Now, the 160S uses fuses to protect the resistors/tubes (I think), and I have blown two fuses over the last year, for reasons unknown.  I don’t ever listen above 90 dB, and rarely above 81-82.  Service has been great both times, and it’s a cheap, easy swap.  And they get credit for having tube health indicators now, without which I never would have known of the [inaudible] problem.  Nonetheless, those were annoying episodes.  OP, the REF 6SE has been a rock solid, very high performer.  
i offer my own experience as a data point

i currently own the following arc gear:

ref 3 linestage
vt100-2 amp
ref 75se amp
ref 110 amp
vt 60 amp
100.2 ss amp
v70 amp (2 of them)

in the past, i have also owned

ref 2-2 linestage
vt100-3 amp
ls26 linestage
ph 3 se phono stage
vt 50 amp
vs 110 amp
vsi 60 int amp
ca 50 int amp

tubes have worn out and been replaced, i have sent some units back to factory for upgrades and checks after long idle/storage times

but i have never had single malfunction, i have owned arc gear since 1990

this is not say that their most recent designs hasn’t gotten more complex and there might well be some issues... just that it hasn’t happened to me once, after 31 years owning multiple multiple pieces
From the original post:

"From your experience with Audio Research is this a good idea going back to the ref 6 with the hope of upgrading it to the SE?"

Does anyone know if ARC is still doing upgrades?  I was put on the list to upgrade my LS28 to LS28SE when they announced the upgrade program last June.  I inquired about it in December and was told that my upgrade would likely be scheduled for the first or second week of January.  I inquired again this month and have gotten no response.  I called and the greeting says to send an email if you have questions about service which, of course, I already had.

If anyone has any information about the upgrade program that they would like to share I would certainly appreciate hearing it.