For anyone who moved from tubes to solid state — a question

I'm the happy owner of a fairly new tube preamp and monoblock amps. I love it and have bought new tubes. To have another option for warmer weather or possibly a second listening room, I got a very good solid state integrated. I've run the tube preamp with the solid state amp and it sounds quite nice. I love all tubes, too.

But this question is for you. Please forget the convenience factor for a moment, including the issue of tube replacement etc. Also, forget about those cases where you bought new speakers and needed more power, etc.

Assuming you had quality tube gear with sufficient power — here's the question if you abandoned tubes for SONIC reasons:

What what is that tubes couldn't give you?
What did your solid state gear do for you which was so much better that you divorced to marry anew?

I'm curious about what people list as the positive sonic reasons they love solid state (including A, AB, D, etc.).

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+1 What decooney says.  On the nose!
Yes, on owning both type amps.
This may not *exactly* answer the question, but I thought it was relevant to the spirit of the conversation: I’ve used and owned dozens of different amplifiers (tube, ss, and hybrid) with a variety of speakers over the years. My primary speakers have (almost) always been Magnepans, though I’ve had plenty of cone/horn speakers to play with as well. I started out with solid state amps, tried tube amps, went back to ss, but have returned to tubes. *Some* tube amps have a looser bass response, and *some* ss amps are overly etched and coarse sounding. Maybe even *most*. But after trying different types of amplifiers with a variety of speakers (but primarily Maggies), I own only tube amps now. They (the ones I’ve kept, at least) just do something special handling the signal that is missing with the ss amps I’ve used. My current main amp is a Music Reference RM-200.. and honestly, my Maggies have never sounded better... So for ME, with my choices of music, at my chosen volume level, and my speakers.. I prefer tubes. The important qualification is *my music*, *my speakers*, etc. I don’t think this is something that one listener can answer for another. I just wanted to share my own journey and conclusion (for now, lol). There are going to be trade offs with every scenario, and one has to choose which combinations meet one’s own expectations. In my opinion, of course. 
Wise remarks thanks....
@krelldreams Thanks for sharing. You say you went "back to tubes" but the main amp you mention is a hybrid, no?