For anyone buying a modified SACD player.

Several Sony's have sold on Audiogon lately with Audiomod
modifications installed inside. I am concerned because
some sellers have misquoted the prices on the mods they
say are inside the players they are selling.
Just for your information, Audiomod does not sell modified
equipment or have any connection with retailers or private
parties who do.
If you buy a Sony, Marantz or Philip's set with Audiomod
modifications inside, remember to ask the seller for a
receipt for the mods in question.
I provide receipts for all my work. If you know the name
of the original customer of mine, I can tell you what mods
were installed in the set.
To all sellers of Audiomod modified SACD players, contact
me first if you need to know what mods are inside the
player and the original cost of those mods.
Audiomod warranties it's work ONLY to the original buyer
of the modifications and will take no responsibility
for any misrepresentation of it's mods by any seller.

Richard Kern
Well stated, direct and to the point!
how long do you warranty your mode?6 months?if so they are wasted the money anyway.
The vast majority of CD players that have problems, are because of the mechanical breakdown of the transport and laser assembly. Richard's electronic mods are probably not very likely to go bad.
if CDP break down in his warranty period like you said mechanical,transport or whatever he will fix it?or you get
hung in the middle think about it my friend.
labor to the original purchaser of the mods.

Richard Kern
My last post did not display like it should.
I warranty my work for one year parts and labor.

Richard Kern
As a person who makes their living doing repairs and modifications to electronic components, i think that Thahn387 brings up a good point. Before having ANYTHING modified, get the specifics as to exactly what is covered under the warranty PRIOR to having any work done. Is the modifier going to pick up the entire warranty on the unit for a stated period of time or are they only going to assume responsibility for the parts / labor that they put into the unit itself ? This is NOT meant to single out Mr Kern or any other modifier, but to help prevent what could turn into a HELLUVA headache for the modifier and the consumer having work done due to a lack of initial communications on the subject. Sean
No Modifier in his right mind is going to assume the full
manufacturers warranty. We can only warranty our own work.
As for repair work, I have 25 years experience as an Audio
Technician so I can repair anything I modify.

Richard Kern
How long is the Sony warranty, one year? After that, there's no risk.
The Sony ES Warranty is 5 years in the U.S.A.
I assume it is the same everywhere else.

Richard Kern
Sony ES warranty in Canada is only 3 years unless its an ES dvd player in which case its only 1 year as is the case with all Sony dvd players in Canada.
I guess i'm crazy then, as i both honor and extend the warranty of all of gear that i modify to include lifetime labor coverage. Then again, i don't work in the audio field. I just wish i could get the prices that audio modifiers charge : ) Sean
I am thinking to open a modify shop and I will cover from top to bottom 1year for brand new player and 6 months for a use one when they are going to MOD from my shop,any one want
join me???
Here is for anyone buying a MODE CD player.
1/you guy spent 3000 dollars to try making it better than the stock CDP.Yes it will better but hopping to beat let say Accuphase,Oracle,audio MK2,sim. please my friends we
live on Earth not on Moon.
2/you guy just swapped some CAPs and RESISTERs and want your CDP go to the next level,yes it is,it will over the stock CDP but you guy want it to become the other CDP or beat the other CDP.Please my friend we live on Earth not on Moon.
3/money wise my friend