For all that contribute to this forum

A thank you. It s a time of year for appreciating things, and I just want to thank all of you for the audio insights, the great laughs, and even the sometimes bizarrness of what I read here, as it alls lends to my enjoying my gear just a little more. So whether your are of the Jewish beliefs as I, or any of those other wonderful beliefs that help humanity be better to itself, thank all of you for helping me enjoy the music just a little bit more.
Hat's off to you, Jvia. I also want to thank the many people who share their wealth of experience and knowledge with us all. It is amazing how highly intelligent and insightful many Audiogoners are. And I applaud those seasoned veterans of this site for taking the time and effort to offer their hand to those who are newer to this road, by sometimes tirelessly answering questions and giving advice that they have given time and again. I know some of you, like myself, are tired of answering the same questions about components, and giving the same advice, but there are many of you who still take the time to give the novice some of your knowledge. Let's applaud those who do so, and help to teach and further our hobby!
Same to all. And new blood is important in keeping any operation fresh and productive.
Happy belated Chanukah, JVIA.

I believe that Arnie and company have done a wonderful job with this site this year.
It has gone through growth and changes and they patiently guided us along. Thanks to their tireless efforts to give us a place to share ideas and fellowship - and pick up a deal or two along the way, eh?
I am very proud to be a part of this community. I am proud about the charity auctions that contributed funds to the 911 relief efforts. Rod and Arnie crossed the website lines to enable us to contribute in a way that we could. There is a very strong lesson there as well.
Happy holidays to all!
Warm Regards,