For all of you X fans

Exene Cervenka is touring the US. We just saw her and her 4-piece band tonight, and it was as good as any of the three times I saw X in concert. I highly recommend seeing her.
I think the last time I saw Exene play, it was in Detroit in the late 80s and she was probably 8 months pregnant. Wonder if loud music can cause hearing loss for buns still in the oven...

Odd side note... Did you know her ex-husband is Viggo Mortensen, of LotR fame?
I'd forgotten about Viggo & Exene connection, from which came a son .

The first time I saw X was in a club only a few blocks from where we saw Exene last night. That was 24 years ago. While singing, I think she actually displayed even more energy now than she did back then. Amazing!