For all of you who feel deeply about Keith Jarrett

Some of you might like to know that Mr. Jarrett was awarded the POLAR PRIZE for his tremendous contributions to the musical world and for his ability to raise the improvisational keyboard repertoire to new heights.Thank you Mr.Jarrett for all you have made us feel over so many years.May your hymns live forever.
There's an excellent and congenial Keith Jarrett Yahoo! Group...see

The Polar Prize is meant to be the music analogue to the Nobel Prize. It's quite prestigious. Bob Dylan was awarded the prize a few years ago and actually accepted it!
I first became aware of Keith Jarrett on the early Charles LLoyd lps with Jarrett on piano, Cecil Mcbee on bass and Jack DeJonette on drums and of course Lloyd on sax and flute. His work then was fantastic and he has grown to be a true giant with a most remarkable, eclectic body of work. He has always been a pleasure to listen to. Kudos to you Mr. Jarrett.