for a total of 5000$ for used equip.

I'm trying to put together a complete simple audio system for 5000$ or under. I'm open to both seperates and integrated, single cd and I've heard the soliloquy 6.2's and the amphion creon's and a few others...I liked the two speakers very much! What I have in my head right now is a modded music hall cd25 with either the jolida 1000a integrated or the jolida tube preamp with the sunfire 250w ss, along with either one of those speakers. I want the sound to be seductive with airy highs and serious punch in the low end. All types of music listned to, please, all suggestions wanted.
You may also want to check-out the "GMA Europa" speakers, they fit very well into your price range of a $5,000 system.

If it were me...

I think the speakers you mentioned are good, but if you want to find a hidden gem try to find a pair of Sony SS-M9 speakers. Because of the name they never sold that well, but check and see what people here have said about them. The Sony is a really good speaker. You should be able to find them for between $1000-1200.

I would buy an Aragon 8008st or 8008bb (single ended vs. balanced) for about $1000-1300. I had one of these for many years and it is a rock solid amp that sounds better than an amp in this price range should sound.

For preamp try the Krell KRC 2 available here. Preamp is an area where many people will try to skimp but a good preamp makes all the difference in a stereo system. It is for sale for about $1200.

You can get a Sony SCD 777es for about $1375 which is a good deal on a good CDP which can be upgraded to an astounding CDP.

This will offer you a good sounding system. It will be better than most you hear, but at a much lower cost.

For a $5K audio system using only used equipment and all, here is what my $5K system would look like.

Speaker System: Vandersteen 2Ce -- About $1,000.00 (or less...... used).
Power Amplifier: McCormack "Power-Drive" DNA-0.5 -- About $800 (for Original Version) to $1,200.00 (for Special Edition)(used).
Preamplifer: McCormack TLC-1 Line Stage -- About $750.00 (used).
Compact Disc Player: Sony SCD-777ES -- About $1,500.00 (used).
Cables: MITerminator 2 Interconnects and Bi-Wired Speaker Cable -- About $285.00 (used).

For a total of just a little over $4,700.00, you'll have a system that rocks right with the best of them, and at a fraction of the cost. With almost $300.00 left (after going with the more expensive option), you can still opt for stands for brand new stands for the Vandersteens and still have some money left over to buy some music with it.

Regards and Happy Listening (but good luck shopping, though)!!!!!!

For 5k this will be the system If I were you.

Amp Jolida Integrated $1200
CD Player Jolida JD100 $700 used
Speakers Diapason Adamantes $1700 used.
Cables used audience maestro or conductor.

Just IMHO.