For a quick good time, blankets...

and pillows.

Try them! On the floor, between the speakers and between them and your listening chair.

You may discover your speakers are capable of more than you thought.


Yes, the coffee table!
I got rid of mine, and it helped, a lot.
But, mine is a dedicated room. Easy to ditch something pretty when WAF doesn't come into play...

I have a glass coffee table right in front of my listening sweet spot…I put a couple of throw pillows on top (covering 90% of the thing, and 100% of the area that would reflect anything into my ear balls), problem solved. And, I can then put my feet on it more comfortably which allows me to use my feet to reflect small bits of treble waves elsewhere, or simply absorb the waves into my socks. 
The flooring halfway between your ears and your speakers, is often the very first of many direct reflections in the listening area.....especially for those that listen in the nearfield.

At the very least, a natural fiber rug/carpet and thick rug pad is a necessity for those trying to wring everything they can from their system. I went the extra yard and placed a pair of GIK 242's in 2x2 size in the locations mentioned above. Very nice improvement to a listening room that I thought was already dialed in.
@wolf_garcia ,
Hahaha! I think the same funny thoughts whilst enjoying me music in me old listening room. I'm thinking wool v cotton v synthetic v blend socks.
How bout no-shows v ankle-highs v calf-length v knee-highs?
Legs apart? Crossed at ankles, knee or mid-thigh?
One foot higher than the other?
The possibilities are endless!!! O, glory be!!!

Legs on the coffee table and apart and directed to each speaker, wool thick socks with the toes at ear level and slightly bent inwards to guide the sound waves to the respective ear. Avoid holding glass mugs as they will make the room too bright.