For a fuller bass- A3.2 MF or Unico UR ?

Hi, I have been looking for a better amp expecting for a fuller bass. I wonder has anyone have listening experiences on the MusicalFidelity A3.2 and Unico(Unison Research).Which one of them would be a better match with my system- Spkr is Quadral Ascent850(floor standing;89dB 4-8 ohm);Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink(harmonic tech);Ah4000 CDP(Amperex7308 tubes). Your info. ,opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot

While i can't offer direct comparisons between any of the gear mentioned, i can offer some notes that i've cobbled together.

Musical Fidelity gear has a family sound i.e. it is all voiced the same. To me, that sound is relatively lean and lacking output in the warmth and bottom end region. While i think it sounds nice on some classical recordings, especially "chamber music", i would not expect strong or full bass from any of their gear. Obviously, one would have to take the sonic signature of this ( or any other ) gear into consideration when building a system. With that in mind, i would think that this product line would not offer you what you were looking for.

Analysis Plus was phenomenally lean and bright sounding with jagged highs in a couple different systems that i tried it in. Obviously, results may vary from system to system and that is why i tried it in two very different systems. Others that heard this cable in my two systems refused to even try it in their systems. Even my girlfriend commented on how glad she was when i took the Oval 9's out of the one system that she uses. To me, this product gets my "ALL hype, no substance" vote.

In plain English, i found it to do REALLY bad things to the sound of my system as a whole i.e. it was a big step backwards. This may be causing part of the problem that you are hearing, i don't know. Obviously, this is a personal opinion based on my experience with the product. Others may have similar or contrasting opinions depending on system synergy.

I don't know what you are currently using as an amp or what you have tried in terms of speaker cables in the past, but you might want to at least try some different speaker cables prior to dumping your electronics and starting all over again. Sean
Hey Sean, actually I've had the complete opposite experience with AP Oval 9s, they added fullness and body to my system. But that was over a year ago in a system completely different from what I have now and I was upgrading from DH Labs T14 Silversonic. That may explain my differing view.

Just guessing, but the tube input stage of the Unico may help it sound a bit fuller than the MF. Plus, you can always experiment with different tubes to tune the sound to your liking.
Sean, so what comparably priced cable do you like? Is the LAT (Luminuous Audio Technology) any good?
The 3.2 vs. 3.0 cr subjectively added 5-8 Hz deeper bass and sound was a little crisper. Both due to higher power?
Tube gear, and a tube preamp especially, would give fuller bass than SS as a rule. But you would loose some bass definition.
Cdc: Take a look at this thread regarding Analysis Plus as it would be easier to read my thoughts / comments / experiences there than it would be to repost them here. Sean