For 35 years, I'm an Audiophile wanna be

Back in the 70s, I bought DQ-10s, DQ-1W, Audio Research D76a amp and SP3A-1 pre - I am the original owner. Also, a still alive Technics SL-110 table with Grace 707 arm and F9L cart (which also needs replacing). I've been "dormant" for 20 years. The D76 is now declared dead and the SP3 needs a makeover that could cost $1500 - more that it's value. Due to space issues and aesthetics, I want a pair of Maggie 1.7s. So CALLING ALL SOUND JUNKIES: 1) Should I repair the SP3? If so, what is a good amp to hook to the SP3 & Maggies? If not, what do you suggest? Not looking to spend top $$$ but understand I must spend something....I know some of you salesfolks wanna sell me something but if it's out there, I'd like some thoughts - not pitches. Thank you my fellow music lovers!
The new Ayre stereo is excellent on Maggie's. The Classe CA2300 amp and CP800 preamp is an amazing combo for the $$.

Maggie's need power. If you want "cheap" power - look at the Emotiva gear. Near impossible to beat for the money, but it's certainly not the final word on sonics (I have owned their amps).

The Classe combo I mentioned above would be my pick.

I've owned 1.7's. They need power. 250 watts/channel min IMO.

Good luck.
I would recommend doing the sp3 upgrade to sp3c. You would be hard pressed to find a better preamp than the $1000 it would cost to refurb/upgrade. If it is good cosmetically, it will certainly be worth $1500 or more when you get it back from ARC.
Perhaps Hifigeek can weigh in on this one.
Why is the amp dead? Bad filter caps? As long as the transformers are still good it can be serviced out.

However amplifier design has advanced since then and IMO/IME there are better amps for the task. The other thing you should be aware of is the some older Maggies had problems with the glue that holds the voice coil to the membrane. It will be worth testing the speakers to see if that is a problem.
If you have the rack space, a pair of Odyssey Stratos Mono or Mono Extreme amps would give you the power you need (180 wpc) for the Maggies, plus stability into 2 ohm loads, and bandwidth out to 400Khz. Only $2500 for the basic pair. The 150 wpc Stratos stereo amps starts at just $1275.

Magico uses Odyssey amps extensively to test and evaluate their speakers.

This would be a way to get near state-of-the-art sound for just a bit more than the Emotiva/Adcom/Outlaw offerings.
In my opinion you are better off having the ARC gear repaired and it will be good for another 35 years. My Father still has the SP3A, Dual 75 and Dual 51 he bought in the early 70's and it still all works and sounds great.
If you are a hi-fi freak, forget about the old ARC and buy something new, if you are a music lover, the SP3A and the ARC power amp when fully repaired has the kind of musicality not easily found in present day gears,regardless of price. I own a Tidal preamp, a Kondo and a Shindo top of the line preamps, they don't sound as musically satisfying as my ARC SP3A-1 given each of them is 10 to 20 times more expensive.
2nd Johnnyb53. Can't go wrong with that set-up.

The intelligent responses here have recommended that you keep the preamp. I wholeheartedly agree. The SP3 is a very musical preamp. I heard one not too long ago in a friend of a friend's system. He was using Legacy Focus speakers, Music Fidelity tube amps along with his newly acquired ARC SP3A. Very musical presentation with a relaxed sense to the music ... a lot like the relaxed sound of live music. Lovely, indeed. 
I agree with j_stereo, service what you have.  It will cost less and it's excellent gear.  You amp should drive the Maggies just fine.