Footers under my speakers double the perceived value of my speakers!

My first experience with putting footers under my speakers was with Tannoy Westminster Royals.
With some difficulty, I put Mapleshade heavy footers under them. I was amazed. These $20k speakers, all of a sudden, became $30+ speakers! These days, I am into Stillpoints. Same thing-even more. My $30k speakers now sound like $60k speakers. I mean the imaging, the definition, the bass and everything just sounds fantastically Improved. I just put on the Stillpoints yesterday. This morning I jumped out of bed early just to be able to turn on the stereo and be floored. BTW- my speakers are 200 lbs and the Stillpoints Minis are strong enough. Pretty cheap for such an improvement!
It is Robert's (Starsound) products that I was specifically referring to as I use them, and I will be very surprised if you try them and don't hear a dramatic (yes, I did say dramatic) difference for the better. I look forward to the test.
roxy54, thank you for the polite comment. I attempt to remain open to additional testing/comparing over the years, and this has turned into an opportunity to demonstrate it. Technology, products, etc. change over time, so a conclusion held perhaps 5 years ago may be influenced by a new tech or product. I found Robert’s message here compelling, a beautiful invitation to put my current conclusions to the test. I left a phone message for him today, so we have not made any formal arrangements yet, but does seem to be moving in that direction, however.

I should state for the record here that if I do a review of Star Sound products, I likely will "go dark" here on the topic. I do not discuss publicly to any appreciable degree reviews that are underway. Often no one knows of them until they are published. Recently I mentioned the Pass Labs XA200.8 review prior to publication, but that’s rare. I would not wish to influence the review with side conversations; I would think this to be appropriate and understandable. So, if I were to drop participation here, it would be for that reason.

There have been other surprises before in this hobby, and I’m sure there will be in the future. In fact, one current shocker is the DAC I am now reviewing. It’s using ESS chips, but I have never built a digital-sourced system as erudite coming from a DAC with ESS chips. So, things, and perspectives, change - again, with the march of technological advancement. It is one advantage of my reviewing style, wherein I build many systems for assessment. It gives me more broad exposure to systems and situations of synergy between components, cables and speakers. The resolution of the system in this state is exquisite. In addition, the room has an ambient noise level of about 14-16dB (I remember one dB meter showing that is in the range of a ticking watch, higher than a leaf falling at 10dB) - well below the average quiet room in a house. So, if there is any change to be heard in a system, I will hear it. :)

On my floated floor, I use Vibrapod  under my 80 pound speakers, with great succes, I got more body and full frequencies,and music placement.  Never go back to Spike !
I also tried Gaïa, but the Vibrapod are a winner !
Isolators, cones, or combo?