Footers and Running Springs Audio Haley?

I recently Purchased a RSA Haley and am wondering what other RSA owners are using for footers? Are you using the sorbethane feet or have you found something to be better?

I am wondering about Cardas wood blocks?

Jaybar, I use a Jaco in my system, it's a great piece in my opinion, and I have tried Goldmund cones and wood blocks, instead of the sorbethane feet and heard no difference at all in any way.
SRA, Silent Running Audio ,VR series or Ohio class.
I have them under all my gear, including my Running Springs Danielle.
I've tried a number of other isolation products
thru the years & found these to be among the best.
Happy shopping.
So far, I find the wood blocks produce a more detailed and less relaxed sound that is more balanced top to bottom. The sorbethane feet produce the fuller, weightier sound.

The advantage of the sorbethane feet is the unit is less likely to move around when changing power cords.

I am using a Solidsteel 6.4 rack. I wonder if that has anything to do with the choice of footers?

I have settled on the Ayre wood blocks.

I sell the line and can detect no differences among brass cones, maple platforms, and ball bearing devices.

Go figure.