Foobar - The easy way to make it much better.

For anyone who’d like to try Foobar2000 as their Windows music server player, without having to either live with the relatively useless default configuration or spend a few months learning how to customize it…I’ve posted a comprehensive and very simple set of instructions in the Computer Audio section of my Jaguar Blog that will allow you to get up and running very quickly with the same setup I use on my machine.

Just download the program and then the layout files I uploaded, and run through the instructions on the page. I’ve also done two other posts on the setup of Exact Audio Copy and Album Art Downloader, so you’ll have the full array of tools you need for Computer Audio, from start to finish. It’s exactly what I could have used back when I knew nothing.
Thanks. That looks like a nice blog.

Would you happen to know the best way to control foobar remotely from a Macbook Air? I currently have the Microsoft RDC setup but it's not working all that great. Wondering if there is a better app.

Also any recommendations for an ipad app?
I don't have remote in my setup, because my server has networking functionality turned off. However, there was a plugin called Foo_remote that people were using last time I checked and I'm sure there are other choices by now. Check the link I have in my post to the Foobar forum and you can figure it out in a few searches.
I heard about plugins that further improve the sound on it - do you know of any?
Fidelizer is worth trying. It automatically does some of the things I've done to my Windows OS to make it sound better.
Thank you fork - and I don't have to fork out mullah to get it either... :)