Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways an HBO documentary

HBO has a new documentary series called Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. It was conceived and directed by Dave Grohl.

While I’m not a big Foo Fighters fan, Dave Grohl did a remarkable job with the Sound City documentary, so I've been anxious to see this.

The idea is to visit 8 different cities that were/are vital to music in America to see how much the people, places and culture influence the music. Then write a song per city and then put out an album with the music that was inspired.

The first installment was set in Chicago. They interviewed Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, Rick Nielsen and several others including producer/engineer Steve Albini. I never knew all the info around Steve and was pleased to get more info on this incredibly talented man.

The song that was written and recorded at the end of the segment was awesome. Major ROCK-N-ROLL. Hard driving and really, really good.

I can't wait for the future shows. This is a must see!
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We need Dave to come to Minneapolis...prince, soul asylum, Husker du, replacements, run Westy run
, cows, babes in toyland, atmosphere,etc
Phase...I agree with you about Minneapolis, but alas, that's
not one of the towns listed.

Maybe if this does well, they will do other cities.
Austin is on the list. They're taping an ACL segment here tomorrow night. Agreed, very good, in depth series that's really about the music.
Like him or not, Dave Grohl, is the MAN!

He has done so much for music fans since the demise of Nirvana. I am pretty sure that his wealth from those days would have lasted him for many, many years. Still, he took on new projects and constantly perpetuates his talents.

This latest endeavor, Sonic Highways, is too cool. Certainly, every major U.S. city has a musical history and story to tell.
And this is only major cities. Imagine, smaller cities or even large towns. There is a musical plethora out there yet to be discovered. ROCK ON!
The series is quite watchable, and I like the focus on the more obscure players on each scene, but has anyone noticed how every new song the FF play at the end sound exactly the same?