Fons CQ 30 Turntable

Does anyone have any info or experience with this Scottish made TT from the 70s. It has 78 as well as 33 & 45 RPM capability. Seems very well built. I have a chance to buy it from a friend and would appreciate any input from those with experience or knowledge of it. Thanks
I remember it well. It was well regarded in its day, in fact is was recommended because of the 78 capability by some reviewers (it has to be said that reviewing back then was lab-measurement oriented and didn't attach much significance to subjective performance.

IIRC the CQ30 was praised for its solid engineering build quality.

However the company probably lacked the marketing ambition and energy of Linn and the company subsequently folded.

Think of it as a quasi Linn LP12 except that spare parts are harder to locate. Listen to it and check whether you can live with the sound - it's well off the pace by today's standards.
This is a very, very fine and very, very old table in the Linn/Ariston mold. Parts are unavailable, so you will be flying blind, but if it is in good shape and the price is right, it may just be great. If you buy it, contact me off board, I think that I have an old review of it in High Fidelity magazine from the early 70's; if I can find it I will make a copy for you.
Thanks for the responces guys. My friend wants $75.00 for the table. It appears to be in very nice cosmetic shape and sounds real good in his sys. Think I'll give it a whirle!!
You can't go wrong for $75. Good luck.