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thanks for the input. my next question is, is it wrong to ask the dealer out-right for some consideration. Would asking him /her to pick up the sales tax and maybe put in the "pot" a harmony 880 remote on a $11,000 sale be out of line.
Why not? Try to be as diplomatic as possible. If you don`t ask, don`t expect the dlr. to volunteer.
I would only ask for the discount when you are ready to make the purchase. But ask. I have only had one dealer offer a discount without asking.
My thought is if it seems reasonable to you it never hurts to ask, the worst they can say is NO, in which case you are no worse off. Try it, who knows what they will do for a sale. On a set of speakers that retails for 7.2k, I was offered a 1k drop and when I hesitated he dropped another 1k plus shipping. 30% of the top is not bad for some real hesitation on a sale, on a given sale, something you really want asking for a bit here or there is very reasonable
as allways great advice i will ask
10% discount is the usual "give back" by the dealer. 15% is pretty good, maybe 20-30% on accessories and cables.

Uru975, 30% discount on speakers??? Were these dealer demos, a discontinued model, or did the dealer stop carrying the brand? A 30% discount on new speakers sounds pretty steep!

This applies to "bricks and mortar" vendors might give better discounts because of their lower overhead.

this dealer need's you alot more than you need him,just like shopping for a new car or a new home take the dealer's price & shop it around,there's nothing wrong with that it's being a smart consumer & after you shop around come back & tell him your best "out the door price" & see if he will match it,chance's are that if you were honest & upfront with him he will meet your best price.

btw, i have never paid sale's tax on any new gear ive bought.
thanks bigjoe