Folkies, do you know Lori McKenna?

I saw her last night and she excceeded all of my expectations. No band, just her and a guitar. IMHO she's in a most elite class of songwriters. Her material is some of the most gorgeous I've ever heard. It's a full body experience. Any other fans out there?
I saw her in concert (with her band) a few years ago and it was awesome. Ive always loved the Mummer's Dance, but everything at that concert was great. I concur with your experience.

I've always wanted to like her music but I can never stay awake to listen to a whole CD. this from a guy who mostly listens to contemp americana. Maybe I'll have to catch her at a show.
She's great. Very dark lyrically but an interesting voice and singing style. I saw her at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck NJ with Mary Gautier (sp?). About 50 people in the room with a good sound system. Just the two gals with their guitars trading songs back and forth. A great night.
Like Swampwalker said,I wanted to like the CD.But found myself not being drawn into the music.I think it had the feel of being overproduced.Now I can picture a concert with just her and a guitar ,being much easier to connect with than what I heard on,The Highwayman
I believe there is some confusion here between Lori McNenna and Loreena McKennitt, two quite different artists.
Recroom- You are correct, my bad and my apologies to Ms. McNenna!
I worked with Lori McKenna (soundman...shows in Maine mostly) a few times both before and after the Faith Hill discovery. I mean really...Oprah! She was part of the local (New England) scene of some amazing but obscure singer/songwriters in the "unpopular music business" of "folkie" clubs...and really a charmer. Suddenly WHAM...Faith Hill finds her songs somehow, and, as they say, the rest is history. She absolutely deserves it as she is a really cool musician and a sweet person.
Just running throught the threads, this leads to that that leads to this etc... I FOUND this one and for whatever reason was curious enough to check Lori out on youtube and proceeded to listen to them all, preferring her solo recordings most. I love the quality of her songs and her style just hit all my buttons. All I can say is, thanks Bander!
btw, Swampwalker I ALSO love Loreena McKennitt and suppose the similarity of the names is what originally raised my curiosity.
Isn't Lori McKenna big around the Boston scene?
Donjr...shame on you for not carefully reading my post (pearls before swine?...heh heh). Also, I'm gonna see Lori at TCAN (Natick, MA venue) soon. Here's a story for you undeserving bonehaeds...Lori was opening for Kenny White (great NYC singer/songwriter who brought guitar genius Duke Levine along at his Maine shows) at the concert series I mixed in Maine and I told her Kenny was the first opening act I ever saw get a standing ovation (at our little shows anyway). She proceeds to tell the audience that she's so happy to be opening for Kenny who she just heard (from me) got a standing "O" as an opener...of course when she finished her set the crowd jumped to their feet instantly...hilarious, and cool.
Sorry Wolf, I did read that but blew a giant brain fart reading through the thread. I recall reading about her on NPR's website awhile back. My wife was born and raised in Worcester so we end up in the area once a year and always try and find a good gig to see.
Well...I might have bought the last 2 tickets for her Natick show anyway.