Folded tweeters vs. dome?

Good day, I am searching for main speakers which will replace my Kef IQ5's.  I want them to be a step up in soundstage and transparency, but only have a $1200 budget (family man you understand).  I have a Klipsch 12" sub so the deepest bass is not an issue.  My question is, in the opinions of those posting here, which tweeters will serve my purpose best, folded or dome?  I see a lot of speakers in the price range I'm searching, both 2.5 and 3-way but have not been able to audition any as of yet.  I'm watching used sets of Golden Ear Triton 7's, Wharfedale PI-40's, Quad Classic 23L among others.  My listening is a mixture of music and theater, most genre's.  I have a Marantz AV7005 pre/pro, a Rotel RKB 650 bi-amping the mains and (Kef) center, with a Rotel-RMB 1565 driving the surrounds (B&W and Klipsch). Thanks in advance for your input, so many questions, so little space.
BTW, the Heil AMT's are back in production. :) If anyone wants to make their own speakers with them. I've read nothing but good things about them.

Again, I love _some_ AMT's. In my home they are what I love most. I've heard awful AMT's and I've read reviews of some not being well matched to other drivers. (Troel's on Munich High End show either 2016 or 2017). 

They are NOT all alike. The motors matter. Compression, distortion and frequency response in an individual line of drivers, not to mention how they are integrated into the rest of the speaker matter a great deal. 

The one thing that can be generally applied is they tend to be physically larger, and therefore offer narrower dispersion. As you may have read me say, this could be good, or it could be bad. Depends on your room and listening habits. For me they are ideal. 

So, buy what you like, but I would never make broad general statements about any tweeter technology being superior to another. Same for dome's, rings and beryllium or diamond.  


Hey y'all, went with the Martin Logan Motion 20's and have no regrets. They fill the room nicely, warm mids, highs are very accurate, lows are right down there. Nice true phantom center channel with a nice wide sound stage that also has some depth.  Reasonable accomplishments for a $6k system.  Seems to be just what I was looking for at a good price.  Thanks all.
@wiscimann99 Good to hear, I've had a pair of Motion 15's for the past few years that I just can't get rid of.  Hugely entertaining speakers, that tweeter is electric.  Enjoy. 
I have an original pair of ESS Heil drivers that I plan on building with.  When I finally get one of those "round tuits" I'll report.  
I'm actually pulling a Fountek ribbon this week and replacing with a silk dome on a different speaker. 
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