Fogerty- Revival, better than his past efforts

Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the best bands I have ever heard live. I still remember seeing John with his flannel shirt high stepping to the CCR beat.
John's latest concert tours playing the old CCR tunes shows he still has it in him.

As you can tell , I really treasure the old CCR recordings. Got them all, in gold, 20Bit, SACD.

I also have all of Fogerty's solo efforts.
I say efforts , because until his latest CD I felt the mans potential had been lost since the CCR days.

I still believe his former band mates forced him to have a tighter Rock and Roll sound/beat, but the more I play his latest CD the better I like it.

Just about every song show's how great of a Rock and Roll voice he has. And his guitar playing is great.

"Still I wonder", how it would have sounded with Stu and Doug playing.
John, they are still out there...
much like brian wilson, his records have had a karaokee a great impersonator doing fogerty. recapturing lighting in a bottle isn't easy. i hope i grow to at least 'like' the new record.
I too have been a very long time fan of JF and CCR. I've been listening since the early 1970's. I haven't heard Revival just yet but plan to listen. "Pendulum" has always been one of my all time favorite albums. But Ozzy, have you not seen his "Long Road Home" DVD concert, live from the Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, recorded 9/15/05? Whoa, his performance and back up band are "HOT" to say the least. Play this on a good HT system, sit back, and get ready to rock. He performs mostly original CCR hits. Please watch this and I know you'll agree. I believe this is also available in an audio CD. Enjoy !!
Jatbo, Pdn, Yes I own all the available DVD's too. You are right , excellent concert. The back up band is great. But they are only a back up band.
What makes the concert is the CCR songs. The creativity that there once was.

There were 6 CCR albums in a short time with so many classics.
As a CCR band the others probably started out as near equals. Songs were probably started as John's only as in his solo efforts and emerged into the CCR songs, at least in my opinion.
I say this because, 30+ years later since , only ' Old man down the road' is near that level.

I believe that though Fogerty was the main force of the song writing with CCR, the other band mates (maybe by there own limitations) forced the songs to have that certain sound/beat.
Listen to Doug Clifford playing on Creedence Revisted and he still has that fat CCR drumbeat .

I know you can never go back home and thats sad.

Anyway, Fogerty's latest release is not bad, still not CCR though...