Focus Audio FS688 vs FS68se

I can only find one review comparing these two.The only difference according to the review is the tweeter in the cheaper 68se is one down from the Scanspeak Revelator.The better bargain would seem to be the FS68se given the reviewer said the tweeter was 95 % of the way there.I would like to hear some comments from those who have heard both.They have sold a large number of speakers world wide yet you rarely find any for resale on Audiogon.



Hi Bill,

I have the FS-688s and its biggest brother in the signature range, the FS-888 (in my LR rig that is yet to be posted). Having heard the 68SE, IMO, the Soundstage write up really says it all. If the SEs had been out at the time of purchasing the 688s, I might very well have snapped them up.

You're correct that one rarely sees any of the Focus Audio speakers for sale - especially the 688s. The exquisite build quality of these speakers is something that really has to be seen to be believed. Matched to the refined sound, super precise imaging, and size-defying bass, and it is easy to see why few are willing to part with them. Here in Hong Kong, they're considered as good as gold. They represent the rare combination of a product's "show" matching its "go".

As is indicated in the review and in my experience, these guys really prefer a bit of power to sound their best and I'd recommend 40-50 tube watts (high current) or 50-100 SS watts.

In other words very hard to tell the difference unless your sitting and critically reviewing them in a A vs B situation.It would seem that even a jaded audiophile would be happy with the FS68se without spending the extra $1000 or more here in Canada.I am thinking on keeping my FS68se but again I am curious about the super refined model.I am using a Edge i3 integrated which is 100wps of high current class D switching power and a Marantz SA8001 cd/sacd player.Connections of top of the line DH Labs Revelation IC and Q10 biwire.My power condtioner is the passive a PS audio Quintet with 6 Audioprism quietlines and Virtualy Dynamics AC cable with Quicksilver gold contact enhancer(very sparingly).I have never heard Diane Krall sound so good.The midrange on these little beauties is pure magic.


Hi Garry,

May I know what other speakers have you listened to apart from the Focus Audio FS68 Signature? Does the Focus Audio sound more like a Proac, Dynaudio or Sonus Faber? Does the Focus Audio have the speed and excellent imaging of the Proac Tablette 8 Signature or does it sound more like the warm, lush and laidback Sonus Faber Concertino/Signum? Or does the speakers sound closer to the Dynaudio bookshelves such as the Audience 52SE or the Focus 140? I would appreciate some thoughts. Thanks in advance.