focus audio fs 78sig's, Tweeter on inside or out?


Im using focus audiofs 78 sig's with magnum dynalab md 208(sim). All sounds good, except for off axis listening. As i move around my medium sized room, the sound becomes quite poor. Is this the result of placement, or possibly which side of the speaker the tweeter should be on! I have the tweeters to the outside of my listening space. When seated in my special chair things are quite magical!! Any insight would be great. cheers
With my Proacs, manual says to put tweeters to inside. Try it and see if it helps.
thanx yes, i think i will. hopefully some one with these speakers might have had a similar experience. Thanx and ill try the swith around tonight.
Bud Fried made many speakers like this, and was adamant about the tweeters being on the inside. Every other person I've spoken to, however, insists on having them on the outside.

I've tried both ways, and agree with Bud. The imaging is far better in my opinion, with excellent air, naturalness, and life. But, of course, whatever sounds best to you is the way to go.