Focus Audio FP88SE vs VA Beethoven Concert Grand


Has anyone compared these speakers?

What is the Focus Audio house sound compared to Vienna Acoustics?
I own the Focus Audio FS8 model although it has lower quality drivers and crossover then the FP88SE, I can't think of any other $3k(new) box floorstander I would rather own. The VA Mozart was on my short list but the lack of speed and overly relaxed treble caused me to keep researching(lol). These are minor complaints because overall the VA Mozart is a great speaker at it's price point. I've also demoed the Haydn/Bach/The Music but not the Beethoven, they all had the polite relaxed full sound so I doubt the Beethoven would be different. IMO opinion the FA would be more agile/tighter/and detailed, where the VA should have the edge in scale. If Mahler/Wagner or Beethoven(no pun intended)are frequently on your playlist the VA has the edge(but need a fast amp) otherwise IMO the FP88SE is the better overall speaker.