focus audio 788's

I am awaiting the arrival of a pair of these speakers ordered on the strength of research/ postings on Audiogon. I would appreciate some feedback of this model in particular, as most of the posts are about the 688's. I would love to hear from some current or past owners of 788's if possible. Thanks.
Doug at Sound-stage did a review on them and compared them to the 688.

He said that they did everything the 688 did at least as good or better.

Here is the review,

Happy Listening,

P.S. I am very jealous as Focus audio signatures are one of my dream speakers.
It should have all the attributes of the 688's and more. They use the same tweeter and crossover. 688 uses a 5.5" Eton midbass the 788 a 7" Eton model.

Top end is suppose to be the same with more shadings and variations in the midrange and deeper bass. So the more is better midrange and deeper bass.

I think all the posts on the 688's would apply to the 788's as well. Sweet, smooth and entended highs with no grain or harshness along with a full tube like midrange.

Your in for a real treat. I've owned the 688's going on 15 months and I haven't heard anything I'd rather own.

Hopefully Phil will address this question as he is a FA dealer and I'm sure can give you greater insight.

There is a owner review of the 788 over at the Asylum.
ok, since Maxxc asked so nicely (:-)), I'll chime in with my two cents. Basically, yes...the FS688 and FS788 generally have the same character in terms of its general sound, but the FS788 does pretty much everything a bit better (more detail, more bass extension, more full-bodied sound, etc). One of my customers, a music professor for a college in Wisconsin, was going to use the FS688 as his reference monitor in a new recording studio until I played the FS788 for him (direct comparison)...and to him, there was no question that it clearly justified the higher price.

Suprisingly, even though the FS788 is rated only 1db higher in sensitivity, I've found that it is noticeably easier to drive than the FS688. With the FS688, you really need 80wpc or more to get something approaching the best sound from it...but I've driven the FS788 with a 50wpc integrated and it actually sounded better. Still, if given a choice, I'd use more power if possible.

Note that the break-in time on the FS788 is at least 75 hours...the amount of detail that you get before/after 75 hours is signfiicant; I guess the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter definitely needs it.

The FS788 will benefit from bi-wiring, but I also think that replacing the stock copper jumpers with something better can get you a long way there without spending on bi-wire cables (I use Audience Au24 jumpers on my FS788...I am also an Audience dealer).

FWIW, the Focus FS788 was the first Focus speaker I had ever heard...demoed them against a pair of Audio Physic Virgo II's when I was evaluating whether to become a dealer for them or not. To my ears, the FS788 made the choice easy...the Virgo II was doing something really special with acoustic music, but the FS788 being more credible and engaging overall on a much wider variety of music. I found that after getting the FS788, I was listening to my entire CD collection rather than just the acoustic stuff I was listening to with the Virgos...
Recently heard the 788s on a visit to Toronto. I spent that weekend listening to a number of speakers from different manufacturers, at different stores, up to around the price range of the 788s, and beyond. The 788s left the best overall impression with me; very complete and well balanced across the spectrum, very well-balanced, and exceptional in the ability to render highs with great detail, sweetness, but no harsh glare. I preferred them to the comparably priced Dynaudio Special 25s, though these were also excellent, and were being driven by more humble electronics. Allowing for the imperfect comparison, there was more life in the 788s, with no sense of exaggeration. I also felt the 788s had more clarity or coherence than comparably priced three-ways I've heard.
I'm more likely to look at the 688s for my own small room, so no axe to grind. Happy hunting...
i've got 888s, with BAT VK-300x ( amperex 6922) , kimber monocle xl speaker cable , audioquest cheetha interconnect, and dcs elgar and verdi , i found my system a little dark side, tube amplifier could be a better choice, or simply to change cable , what about jumper, can i have a gerat improvement if i change jumper cardas?
sorry for my poor english , i'm a french people