Focal vs dynaudio

Hi folks.  Here once more to discuss the “Ford vs Chevy”
i currently have focal 1028be speakers which I’m relatively happy with.  Looking tp go a bit further and here are my 3 options..

Upgrade my nad m32 to a pass labs x150.8 and m12 combo $4500 difference.

swap out the 1028 be for 1038 (whenever a pair becomes available) 7500 ish

swap out the 1028s for dynaudio contour 60/60i.  7500 ish
I’m currently enjoying the nad due to its huge list of features (we live in a digital world now). And I have 2 Jl fathom 110s which need the onboard xover hence why I’m staying with the preamp portion.  I listen 80 music 20 movies and overall want a fuller warmer larger sound.  
One thing to also keep in mind the tweeter on my right 1028 has a hair line fracture in it.  Unsure how it happened but I have my suspicions.  (Cd skipping with a loud abrupt pop when trying a different source... Wondering if the soft domes are a bit less susceptible to damage?  Didn’t take much and it’s only 1...  let’s here your thoughts!  Room is un ideal 16’wx19.5d

Dynaudio rocks.

 You need a more powerful amp.
If you want to avoid going on a merry go round of speakers, here's my suggestion:

Keep your speakers

Get an amp that has really good current drive.

Look at your room acoustics as the next big place to spend money.

Dynaudio has made a number of different ranges of speakers.  I know this seems obvious but what I mean is that they are tuned quite differently from each other. Using a neutral, U or W shape.  You really need to listen to them and either fall completely in love with them, or leave them alone. I would not immediately think of them as an upgrade, but a lateral change.

The Focal 1038 is more demanding of an amp than the 1028, and the 1028 is demanding. You'll get more bass by better room acoustics and be happier with the results.
The 1028 with subs will be better than the 1038 without. You will end up using the subs even on the 1038. I have heard both and tried the 1000be? (Monitor model) with a fathom 13. I would not swop the 1028 be for the 1038 if I already owned the 1028. Unless you have a home theater combo setup and would move the 1028 to the back which would be amazing.
I can’t help with the Dynaudio.

 I know this seems obvious but what I mean is that they are tuned quite differently from each other
And whose ears have they been tuned to? The designers or the owners? Answer that.