Focal vs Dali speakers

Anyone compare Focal vs Dali speakers? I am specifically looking at the the Dali Ikon 6 vs Focal chorus 816v. The focals are a bit more $$ but you don't have to bi wire them. Which would have better bass response in a large room? They are both highly regarded. Your thoughts please. Thanks.
neither the focals or the dali are notable for their low end--if you want a full range speaker you'll need a sub, or else look at other models. that said, i'm a big fan of the focals, which are incredibly transparent and sound good with modest amplification. in lieu of the floorstander, you might consider a monitor + sub, which will give you bigger sound for about the same dough.
Large room? Neither of those will put out much of what you are looking for. Loomis makes a good point about adding a sub in your situation. I would go for the FOCALS if adding a sub. If you dont want to add a sub, look at something different all-together. How big is the room?
as i should have indicated before, i'd actually opt for the focal cobalt (now discontinued, but widely available used for cheap) or electra, which have more seamless driver integration than the chorus.
thats not large Bobrock. Still, a sub will benefit the situation. Though, placement will be important. You can probably experiment and get adequate bass performance. Try that, then see if you need a sub.
I use a pair of FOCAL JMLab Nova Utopia Be which has preponderous bass and is superbly balanced across the entire audio spectrum. Incredible transparency and immediacy. Of course I am using Jadis JA200 monoblocks (tubed, KT88s) to drive these. Using a Jadis JP80MC preamp with only RCA inputs and no sub out. So I have a pair of XLR interconnects from my Audio aero Prestige SE CD player concurrently driving a Utopia active sub (with its own 1000 watt BASH solid state amp) to extend the lows below the foundation. I can not get the Utopia sub volume higher than a notch or two from zero for the right balance of ultra low-bass. The music can be seen, heard and felt.Talk of a moving experience!!!
Price range between $1500 and $2500. Anyone like Linn speakers? They make good amps.
I just auditioned both chorus 716v and 726v, both were better than any Dali in the same price range. Great vocal reproduction.