Focal vs B&W vs ???

Ok so it is time to upgrade the 704 S2’s in my listening room (13x13x9).

I’ve heard the folllowing:
- Focal Supra N2’s which I liked but it was is a much larger room than mine with acoustic treatments (which I don’t have)
- Golden Ear Triton One R’s which I thought lacked center image focus
- Wilson Sabrina’s that are a tad outside my budget but enjoyable

I’ve yet to hear the B&W 804 d3 which is what I was originally considering (I can’t find a dealer with them in a showroom).

My question is for people that have heard both Focal Supras and the 800 series (particularly the 804’s) what you found the differences to be? Also if anyone has experience with either of those in a similarly sized room I’d like to hear it. Or if you just want to rave about some other floor standing speaker I didn’t list hear that can be had for <10k/pair new or used go for it.

You help is much appreciated!
As an added requirement any speakers suggested need a matching center channel because I plan in the future to add one. 
The 800s series has the same sound signature as the 700, just more refined , more detail (less soft sounding), larger soundstage and in the case of the 804s, more bass extension. I have heard both series, although the 804s briefly. They sound like B&Ws, no surprises.

I have heard the others a number of times. The Sabrinas I have heard in awkward room setups and in a smaller but symmetric, conventional dealer room. They always sound super pleasant. Great design, imo.

I think the room is going to be challenging.

I like the Focal's much more than B&W.  I find them closer to neutral and transparent, but they do need room or good treatment to work well.  Both of these speaker brands tend to make challenging designs, so a stiff amplifier will benefit you.

Based on where you are going, and how much I think you want to spend, I'm going to strongly suggest good room treatment will be less expensive and provide a bigger step up.

I really like my Focal's. Make sure you put the Iso Acoustics GAI 1's footers under them.

This is super helpful! I think I decided to go with the focals now and if needed as time goes on I’ll treat the room. Thanks for your help everyone!