Focal Utopia Scala Evo

Anyone have first hand experience with the new Focal Utopia Scala Evo. Presently I own a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri and looking to upgrade. Basically looking for a more neutral/realistic sound signature with with midrange magic of the guaneri.
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Heard it on a Mac system.  I would say I like it and I don’t see how the Guarneri would be able to keep up as it’s book vs full speaker.

I have heard S5v1 but not in same room.

heard DAW but not in same room.

i own the focal kanta2 so I appreciate the focal sound.

what are you thinking?
Kanta and sopra have similar tweeters IAL3 I believe

I have noticed Wilsons can sound a little harsh up top for some reason even with the soft dome. Time alignment is good though. DAW is a good speaker too

Magico is solid. You can’t beat the construction.

I think you would enjoy the Focal Evo Scala in grey. It’s a good looking and sounding speaker.