Focal Utopia Scala EVO

I have a pair of Focal Sopra 3s that I've enjoyed for the last 2 years.   I like the Focal sound and I think the Sopra 3s do a great job for the money, but I've been thinking lately that I could get more transparency and better imaging if I moved up the line to the Scala EVO.   I'm wondering if the $40k price tag is worth it to move up from the Sopra 3s, though.  Will it really be that much of an improvement vs the Sopra 3?   Selling speakers is always tough compared to components or cables, etc. and I am not a fan of doing so.   If I do move up the line I want to stay there for a while.

I would love to listen to the Scala EVO, but have been having trouble finding a dealer that has some set up.  

Any Focal owners out there that have experience with these or thoughts?   I would love to hear their impressions.  


I have the Sopra 3 now and have the Scala EVO on order. Im supposed to get them this week. I will let you know once they are broken in. I have not heard the Scalas yet but love the Sopras so Im not worried about the sound. 

I will be listing my Sopras soon but like you not a fan of selling speakers. Will probably do local pickup or let the buyer arrange delivery.