Focal Utopia Maestro upgrade

Hi guys can you please give me some advise on what amplifier matches the Utopia Maestros.

I currently looking for an upgrade from my Lynn LP12, YBA 1000 CD and pre-amp, YBA 600 power amp and B&W602D. All interconnects and speaker leads are MIT SG1. Obviously a detailed, neutral and warm presentation which was exceptionally satisfying for years.

Thinking of upgrading my speakers to the Focal Scala Utopia but my mates tell me the Maestros are better. I should be getting a demo version soon.

Is the Maestro worth it? Will the YBA PASSION 600 POWER AMP be enough to drive the speaker. Recommended pairing it with a McIntosh 452 instead.

I believe the Focal Maestro Utopia has a sensitivity of 93db and in a review on Tone Audio they said the speakers sounded great with 60 watt Primaluna Dialogue Tube monos. Note sure what the specs are on your power amp but I suspect that it has more than enough power to drive these speakers. And YBA gear has an excellent rep for sound quality plus it shares Focals French heritage, it might be an outstanding combo.
Thank you for your response. My YBA Passion 600 power amp is a stereo and delivers 150W at 8 Ohms and 300W at 4 Ohms using a 1000VA transformer. Not sure how much current it can deliver.

The Utopia Maestros are 4 Ohm speakers and go down to 2 Ohms which I guess they are power hungry despite their 93db senditivity.

I also hear that they are a bit fussy with the room accoustics. My B&W 802D were not the easiest of speakers to tame either... but got them singing in the end.

The bottom line will the Marstros run or struggle?

Have also been advised to test the Advanced Accoustics XL-1000 speaker instead of the Maestros. Any thoughts?
I suspect your amp is high current the model name would seem to indicate it doubles again at 2 ohms into 600 watts? Unfortunately the YBA website is pretty bad and gives no specs. I have not heard the Maestros sorry speaking more theoretically, I own an original pair of JMlabs Micro-Utopia's a very different animal. I would imagine you would have plenty of power but you're going to need a large room for those speakers and obviously you need to choose what sounds good to you. If you can do any audtioning you really should looking at that big and that pricey. Sorry I can't be of more experiential help. Happy listening!
About eight months ago I took delivery of a pair of Focal Sopra No2's, like the Utopia series, with Focal's beryllium tweeters.

I did a lot of comparing of amplifiers and bought a McIntosh MC452, sounded "smooth" like the tube amps I auditioned, but seemed more "dynamic" and "faster" (to my ear).

My Focal's are in a 24x26' room, with two JL Audio F113V2 subs.  The McIntosh never "breaks a sweat" driving the Sopra's.