Focal Utopia III

With an abundance of used speakers for sale on Audiogon, I wonder if any long-time Focal owners are moving to the newest Utopia products as represented by the Scala (floorstanding 3-way)and Diablo (stand mounted 2-way)?
not forget and Maestro(already out, Nova EM(Stella) also will be out soon)

diference betwen micro and diablo is huge, diference between alto and scala is very big. Maestro do not have alternative in design. one thing I can bet- thee will not be any second hand utopia 3 for few years..
The Mestro is out? Where can I go to see it? Anyone heard it?
Elviukai, are you referencing the Micro Be model or the previous generation (non Be tweeter) model?
''The Mestro is out? Where can I go to see it? Anyone heard it?''

your local dealer should already have booklets.ans soon the speakers . as for sonic its definately will find customers even in modern style music or even studio motitors. thiny bass comparing with Alto Be is gone. it really kicks chest stomach on louder volumes.

I referencing previuos 2002 model Micro utopia Be Vs Diablo Utopia.
I thought the Micro Utopia Be was a great 2-way. It seems that with the newer generation beryllium tweeter, Focal n ow has something really unique. I have never heard a better upper octave response than with the Diablo.
yes theese are very diferent technicaly. Diablo is everything I can expect from 2way compact stand monitor. Strings and everything above 3-4Khz is best arround. The only flaws to my ears is limited dynamic(due eficienty) and some harshness in bigger chorus ,choral voices ,particulary female opera voices with less than perfect recordings. But its very minor and all this common to all two ways monitors in some even very pronounced not liek Diablo.
what is a Maestro? only see Scala on Focal website.

btw, what is final MSRP on Scala?
I see from Focal's website that the Diablo's crossover point is 2.2khz. Elviukai, any sense on how the Diablo's might compare to the Magico Mini II's?
Maestro is new just released Utopia 3 line floorstanding speaker. MSRP of scala should be 20 000eur, Maestro 35 000eur
I have no idea as I didnt heard Mini's II. the best what can you do is compare them side by side.
Yes I am getting mine with the exclusive BMW amboyna makore burl with inlaid ebanaser mahagony finish. The 8th order crossover networks and silk packing from raw silk coacoons hands processed and drawn out to the actual thread length of a kilometer each. The x-overs have four AN Japan built solid silver hand wound inductors each weighs ten kilos with a 1930s NOS tube as a regulator.
Did the recession in my case depression end. Who has the money for these extravagances. I am klinging to my previous generation 938 Electra's amognst a few others.