Focal Stella

I am not sure if I am breaking any rules in Audiogon, I hope not.  I have a chance to purchase a pair of Stella Focal that is a demo unit for a dealer for 64K plus shipping.  I am told they are in mint condition and are a year old.  I have seen pictures.  I am not able to hear or see the unit in person.  Does anyone think this is a reasonable price for a demo unit. The dealer mentioned they can't sell demo units at one point in our conversation and that also got me a weird feeling because he is selling them  Would Focal not help repair them if I ever needed their help do to this?  Is the price ok?  Thanks I could really use some advice.  I am not really that well versed in the sales market and this would be my one and only chance to buy a forever pair of speakers. 


I would be supprised that Focal supports ( warranty ) an oversea dealer , while there are plently of Focal dealers in your country .


Dont forget import taxes , border taxes , shipping insurance  , shipping , and the stress of all this .



It will cost a fortune to ship the speakers from Europe to the States. You have to also figure in insurance. How much would it cost you to fly to Europe to demo the said speakers first?  Don’t know if that is even feasible. 

Thank you everyone!  I really appreciate all the input.  I am going to not pursue this.  This forum is a great place.