Focal Spectral 40th

Did anyone else read the review in Absolute Sound?  Seemed like the textbook definition of damning with faint praise.  I especially liked the list of other speakers (very different among themselves) that the reviewer evidently thought were all better: PSB, Golden Ear, Salk, Magico, etc.
Was it the electronic or print version of The Absolute Sound?  If it’s electronic please post the link as I looked and couldn’t find it.

That’s a whole lot of “equalizing” going on in that review. Sounds like he has other problems to fix somewhere in the room, system, or both.......
Looks like they had a bunch of Electra cabinets leftover and needed to figure out what to do with them.;-) 

Seems like a lot of money when you can get a pair of 1038be II brand new for 7k. 
My same thoughts, mofojo.  I think if people (audiophiles) could only know better (get an audition quick) and weren’t so worried about companies making certain models ‘obsolete’, by discontinuing them, in this case proven performers, all of those discounted 1038be2 would be gone by now.  Are you listening?  Don’t let a good thing pass you by, these are fantastic speakers!  Perhaps one of the best sub 10k speakers out there.  Run don’t walk, you won’t regret it for a minute.  Also, better bass performance, and technologies found in the Utopia line, to me it’s always been a no brainer.