Focal Sopra 2

I just posted a review of the Focal Sopra 2 and my speaker journey.

A little sample.

"First listen and I was smiling. The same beautiful sound that I heard in the large showroom was present in my home! And I only had to turn the preamp volume half as high as I had to with the Bob Carver Amazing Line Source speakers. The sound quality was there from the lowest bass to the upper treble. Nothing stood out, or faltered, the sound just blended together as one cohesive sound that is so easy to listen to for hours and hours. Also, I think the speaker style is cool and the speakers finish is impeccable."

Full review below is in the Audiogon Member Review section.

Really enjoyed reading this Ozzy.  Glad you found the right speaker for you.
Congrats Ozzy, happy you found a speaker that you really like.  Your mention of the Von Schweikert struck a cord with me.  I was intrigued by the VR33 speakers they were making.  I read all the reports and found a used pair here and bought them.  Biggest disappointment of my audio journey.  I couldn't stand them and stopped listening to my main rig.  A year later, I sold them for a huge loss and purchased the GE Triton 1 and last year moved up to the Triton Ref.

Your review was extremely well written and I really enjoyed reading it.