Focal Sopra 2 Vs Wilson Sophia 3

If you have compared these two, what differences do you hear?  Strengths of each speaker?  Amps used and type of music played.



I did compare the FS 2 against the Wilson Sabrina. Bought the FS2, tested with a Hegel H300 and Electrocompaniet CD player, the FS2 did everything a bit better and cost less. The FS2 is everything the reviews report. Works great for me, but not everybody's cup of tea.The Sabrina is a very good speaker.

The music tested covered everything but Metal, the FS2's did a great job with everything, they do disappear behind a wall of sound. Many wow moments. I am enjoying music I haven't listened to in years.

I never tested the Sophia 3.

At this levels of speakers you really have to demo them with your own equipment to make your best decision.

In 2015 I did a lot of music audio system upgrades, including the purchase of a new pair of Focal Sopra No2's, after listening to a lot of speakers from different, well-respected manufacturers, including Wilson Audio.

At one of my audio dealer visits the salesman asked if I enjoy "analytic" speakers more than "musical" ones, or vice versa.  I thought it was an interesting question, after thinking for a bit "musical" was my choice.

I have never enjoyed Wilson's, to me they sound too "shrill", being driven by high-end tube or solid state.  Having said that, I think they are great speakers, just not the sort of sound I enjoy.

I've had my Sopra's now for about eight months and enjoy them immensely.  Once I got them broken in and "dialed in" to the room, they have the most incredible "artist in the room" sound stage, excellent detail in the mid and high frequencies, the bass they have is excellent as well (I have a pair of subs too).  I am one who gets the "hots" to try new equipment, but the Sopra's won't be on that list anytime soon.
Focal is a more musical speaker used with Pass 250.8 amp great combo.
Thanks for your input.  I listened to Magico S3s yesterday for 3 hours and thought they were very good but haven't gotten to the Sopras.
I listened to the Magico S3's with a Class D Front end for a good hour or so, was very nice. I liked the Sopra's much better with my Hegel H300, they dig deeper and sounded more musical to me. The Sopra's were better priced also. Have had them a few weeks now and the Sopra's get better everyday. Have about 50 hours on them now, cant wait to hear them with a hundred hours.
How much do you think the class D lowered the sound quality?  When I had them, they were kind of dry and uninvolving.  Now have class a 200w monos.
And, as you know your Hegel punches way above its pay grade on quality!


at this level, get as many auditions as you can prior to purchase.
Please mention cables/cords used during your demo.

I had Class D for about 6 months (Bel Canto), liked initially but just couldn't connect over time. Class D is more clinical to me and less musical. I wouldn't say it lowered the quality just different and less favorable to me. Some love Class D.

Agree with jafant audition as much as you can.

The Hegel H300 is a very nice match with the Sopra's, I use Vallhalla balanced from a Cocktail Audio X40 and speaker cables are Silnote Audio Posieidons. Actually a very simple set up.

The system noted sounded very good with my Joseph Audio RMXL 25's, but now sounds like a whole new system on all levels with the Sopra No. 2's. Couldn't be happier.

When I was searching for new speakers, eventually bought the Focal Sopra No2's, listened to the Wilson's and the Magico's.  The Magico dealer asked me if I preferred "analytic" or "musical" sounding speakers, he characterized the Magico's and Wilson's as "analytic".  In the case of the Magico S3's he said they wouldn't "come to life" until they were driven to loud levels.  I listened and agreed with his observation, both with the Magico's and the Wilson's.

These are all great speakers, just a matter of personal taste.  Which ever way you go, enjoy them!
Even if the Magicos are driven by high current class a mono blocks, they still won't open up without lots of volume?????  Hmmmmm...
My Sopra 2's are 5 months old now and finally broken in. They have about 400hrs of play and have improved dramatically since new. 
Im using a Simaudio 700i amp to drive them with Discovery Essential & Essence Cables. 
These are really great speakers. The imaging and their 3D spacious sound stage is just magical. 
Vocals sound like they are in the room. Unreal !!!

I have been interested in the Simaudio 700i, a friend of mine has the 600i and it sounds very good with his set up. It seems the Sopra 2's respond very well to integrateds that are more high level. I have the Hegel H300 and the Sopra's really respond well. Best my Hegel has ever sounded. I also have the Hegel 160 for my smaller system, going to try that with Sopra's tonight, bet it kills!

I was concerned early on that there might be a systems match concern with the Sopra's (per some articles), the more I read, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Really feel fortunate to own the Sopra 2's.