Focal sopra 2 or raidho d2?

Anyone has opinions? Thks so much
Focal Sopra 2- I so wanted to like them but I did not. I preferred the Supra 1! Never heard the Raidho. 
raidho dealer disclaimer -

i greatly prefer raidho to focal. i know the usual response is "dealers always plug their products", however, i heard focal well before i heard raidho and well before i was a dealer/in the industry at all. i was looking for an upgrade from my dyn contours

i found the overall coherence, soundstaging, and resolution to be better on the raidhos. no doubt, the tweeter should be getting alot of credit for that. i also like the slimmer profile of the speaker and how they fit into an apartment (i'm over in NYC) but not everyone shares my view on that aesthetic.

i would rec looking at the dx.1 or cx.2 series instead of the original d2 as significant improvements have been made. if you have further questions, feel free to pm me.
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Disclaimer - Raidho owner here
2 very different speakers/sound. Focals will need a larger room. Raidho D2's work much better in smaller rooms because they are a more near field speaker. The D2's should be about 9ft or more apart to sound the best. The D2's will not dig as deep as the Focals. But the D2's have a much blacker background for more clarity between the instruments and vocals. The lows that the D2's can do are very good but like I said the Focals will go deeper. Pick your poison. I started with D1's then upgraded to D2's then D2.1's.

A side note - Raidho just announced the XT5's to be shown at RMAF. The XT series is a more lively sound and can play a lot louder than the Raidho D series if that's important to you
I spent about a year traveling around, auditioning a lot of floor standing speakers, including both the Raidho and Sopra No2 and have enjoyed the Sopra's now for over two years!

One thing about the Sopras, I broke them in slowly and gently, giving them over 200 hours before listening to music at "realistic" volumes, though I don't listen to them at a very loud clip.  But after I'd had them for about six months, they really started to "settle down" and sound more "relaxed", like the Raidho's I auditioned at various dealer visits.

I do think the Focal line has a "big" sound, and I'm not sure they would sound as good in a smaller room.

IMO, both speakers are excellent, I think it's just a matter of taste, which one you go with.