Focal Sopra 1 and Audio Note Kits Interstage PSE monoblocks

Can anyone advise me, from an electrical standpoint, whether the Focal Sopra 1 would be a poor choice/match for my 20 Wpc Audio Note Kits Parallel Single ended Interstage 300B monoblocks?
I know they are rated at a nominal 8 ohms but do drop lower. Sensitivity is 89db. I'm not sure of phase angle data or impedance stability. I have an opportunity to purchase a new pair at a substantial discount. My other thought is a pair of Omega XRS High Output loudspeakers. I've heard their full range drivers with whizzer cones are loved by some and unnatural to others.
Thank you for all opinions!

You’re leaving out the most important information. How big is your room, and how loudly do you listen? 

Oh, and what kind of music?  If you don't listen to anything with any kind of intense bass, you will likely be fine.
Thank you contuzzi for your reminders.  I have a smaller listening room at 13 x 14.5 ft.   I enjoy jazz, soft rock and vocals the most, but do also enjoy popular classical and orchestral music as well. I listen primarily near field out of necessity and room constraints, at moderate volumes. I think the Sopra 1 may be the better sounding loudspeaker, but I've only heard it with 60 plus watt, solid state and tube amplifiers. I've never owned a full range single driver loudspeaker and thoughts on the Omegas would be appreciated. Thanks again!

contuzzi asks a good question, especially how loud do you listen. I own an ANK 8 watt 300b and have been very surprised that it is able to drive 86db sensitivity Celestion monitors...but that is at moderate volumes . The transformers are good, and they can drive speakers that aren't very sensitive. Of course there are limits, and I have no idea of how low the impedance drops in the Sopra.
Those are great amps though...especially if you're getting them at a bargain price. 
Thanks roxy54,
Just to clarity I already own the ANK Interstage amps and I have the opportunity to purchase a new pair of Sopra 1's. I think they'll sound great together, but I value member opinions greatly on ANK amps, Sopra 1's and the possibility of Omega loudspeakers as an alternative.  
FWIW not exactly apples to apples but I drive JMlabs (Focal) original Micro-Utopia's with a 17 watt PP class A triode wired stereo tube amp. No issues whatsoever it drives them effortlessly, not sure what the exact specs are but sensitivity is either 89 or 9db. I would imagine you'll be fine with the Sopras if you decide to go that route. No interest in AN speakers? Pretty sure a pair of either AN/K or AN/J's is in my future. I have an AN Sig-3 Dac as my source and love it. Whichever way you go good luck!
How about the interstage 300b mono, driving revel studio2?

assuming you use the stock 300b tubes, what determines if your 300b ANK interstage is 8 Watts as some refer to, or 20 Watts?

(into 8 ohms)