Focal Sopra 1 and Audio Note Kits Interstage PSE monoblocks

Can anyone advise me, from an electrical standpoint, whether the Focal Sopra 1 would be a poor choice/match for my 20 Wpc Audio Note Kits Parallel Single ended Interstage 300B monoblocks?
I know they are rated at a nominal 8 ohms but do drop lower. Sensitivity is 89db. I'm not sure of phase angle data or impedance stability. I have an opportunity to purchase a new pair at a substantial discount. My other thought is a pair of Omega XRS High Output loudspeakers. I've heard their full range drivers with whizzer cones are loved by some and unnatural to others.
Thank you for all opinions!


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FWIW not exactly apples to apples but I drive JMlabs (Focal) original Micro-Utopia's with a 17 watt PP class A triode wired stereo tube amp. No issues whatsoever it drives them effortlessly, not sure what the exact specs are but sensitivity is either 89 or 9db. I would imagine you'll be fine with the Sopras if you decide to go that route. No interest in AN speakers? Pretty sure a pair of either AN/K or AN/J's is in my future. I have an AN Sig-3 Dac as my source and love it. Whichever way you go good luck!