Focal Sopra 1 and Audio Note Kits Interstage PSE monoblocks

Can anyone advise me, from an electrical standpoint, whether the Focal Sopra 1 would be a poor choice/match for my 20 Wpc Audio Note Kits Parallel Single ended Interstage 300B monoblocks?
I know they are rated at a nominal 8 ohms but do drop lower. Sensitivity is 89db. I'm not sure of phase angle data or impedance stability. I have an opportunity to purchase a new pair at a substantial discount. My other thought is a pair of Omega XRS High Output loudspeakers. I've heard their full range drivers with whizzer cones are loved by some and unnatural to others.
Thank you for all opinions!


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Thank you contuzzi for your reminders.  I have a smaller listening room at 13 x 14.5 ft.   I enjoy jazz, soft rock and vocals the most, but do also enjoy popular classical and orchestral music as well. I listen primarily near field out of necessity and room constraints, at moderate volumes. I think the Sopra 1 may be the better sounding loudspeaker, but I've only heard it with 60 plus watt, solid state and tube amplifiers. I've never owned a full range single driver loudspeaker and thoughts on the Omegas would be appreciated. Thanks again!

Thanks roxy54,
Just to clarity I already own the ANK Interstage amps and I have the opportunity to purchase a new pair of Sopra 1's. I think they'll sound great together, but I value member opinions greatly on ANK amps, Sopra 1's and the possibility of Omega loudspeakers as an alternative.