Focal SM9 or similar for home use

I may have a good lead on a pair of these for a descent price. I like the fact they have AB amplification and are all analogue so I would think they can be voiced to a certain extent via dac, preamp etc. Also no digitizing of my Tt setup. I have been looking online and have not found much about anyone using these as a home speaker. I would be sitting around 8ft away in a 25x16 room with speakers in the short wall. Is this something to consider or do ye think I would be disappointed? 


Thinking a nice tube preamp and dac into these may be a really good system! I have never heard studio monitors and don’t really understand the difference between regular ass speakers? I guess I know they don’t disperse the same but other than that I dunno. 

I think these would sound really good.

Your seating distance at 8’ away sounds about like a studio/mixing distance that they were designed for, but I’m not sure how they would react with your front wall (and throw a soundstage(?), or other ’audiophile’ characteristics, etc.) - or how well they would fill/use the large space that would be behind you in a 25’ deep room. But if uncomplicated|active and clarity of [mostly full range] direct sound at somewhat close distance, then yeah, definitely a different flavor, but ... ►► studio mixing monitor. I have a couple of pairs of active AVI ADM9s in my formal living room and guest bedrooms, and the ease of use case - (guests playing music from their phone with just a little bluetooth receiver between the speakers) is pretty sweet. (not in the same league as the SM9s, obviously).