Focal Scala Utopia V1 vs Competition in 2017


I have received a very tempting offer from our dealer of a traded in Scala Utopia V1 for 10k USD. Knowing that it has been released 9 years ago. 

How is the Scala V1 doing compared to the existing speaker market for maximum of 10k? Is the Sopra considered more advanced since it's relatively newer with the recent Focal research development? 

I really don't know if this is a steal bargain or getting rid of a not so good Utopia model. 

Please help 
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The Sopra uses a midrange with a tuned mass damper in the surround and the Utopia EVO series has incorporated the same driver. For $10k though, you’re not buying Sopras No.2 or No.3. That’s more like the price of the Electra 1038Be and I’d say the Utopia Scala V1 would be a superior speaker.
I think it is better value than anything from Wilson or B&W at that price. Similar type sound but as I recall I think they image extremely well.

The bass driver was updated in later models - you may be able to do that too.
I am happy to hear that it is possibly a good deal. Anybody who compared Sopra to Utopia or otherwise ? 
I haven't heard the Sopras, but had the Focal Scala V1 from release until recently.  From the reports that I have read, I have not seen a single person prefer the Sopra 3 to the Scala. 

Note that the only difference between Scala V1 and V2 is a tuning of the bass (the V1 cannot be upgraded to V2 as there are physical differences between the units). 

One small point of caution on the Scalas is that the tweeter is slightly hot and not kind to sibilant recordings.  To the extent that you have tube gear, less revealing components/cables, slight loss of hearing in high frequencies or are generally not bothered by a slightly hot top end, I would be surprised if you can find a better speaker for the price being offered.
@bar81 thanks for the advice. However, my setup is too revealing as well. I am using Mac mini > AQ diamond usb > Devialet 250 > AQ meteor > speakers

The whole chain is connected with silver cables. Devialet is considered neutral and reveals the micro details with a SAM software to perfect the base response. 

It might be too hot combo but I kind of like it. 
Go for it then.  Price is fair and it's an excellent speaker.
purchase is done. 

In my system, my cables, my power and my room acoustics. I am an extremely happy owner for the next 5 years. All I would care about now is to find a well matched speaker cables that bests my Audioquest Meteor. 

Looking at Siltech Prince at this point. 
Congrats on your new Scalas, I originally compared V2's to Sopra 2 and massively preferred the Scala.

I have a Devialet driving a pair of Focal Utopia Diablo's and having tried a large range of speaker cables found the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 to be the best.  Nordost were awful.  The enormous differences in cables I've heard lead me to beleive there are better but the cost will jump significantly!  On the 'to try' list is Lessloss C-Marc, Siltech, Crystal and Elrod.  All double or quadruple the AP prices.

I'm using the latest version of ROON with AIR built-in and have found direct over wifi to sound best.
Its not boxing its what you like only you can pick.

Congrats on the speakers.  

There's really no way to tell what cables will work best with a particular setup.  Best option is to work with your local dealers or set up an account with the Cable Co and try out various brands until you find the one that makes you happy. 
I was in the business and have field experience with these speakers. 

The V1 can't be updated to the V2, say Focal. Regardless. Utopia 3 is a very good range. Proper placement and equipment matching will yield results that stand the test of time. 

The Sopra is strictly for audiophile material only. You can imagine the buying demographic. 
Hey Emerald,
Now that you had those Scala's for a few months, what are your thoughts up to now? Pros, Cons, Interested to hear what you think.