Focal Scala Evo vs Wilson Audio Alexia 1

So, I can get these for about the same price.  Alexia would be used, the Scala Evo would be new. 
I'm not really concerned about warranty or the Alexia failing, etc. 
I've heard Alexia in my room and loved them, but I've not heard the Scala Evo at all.  I understand the Maestro might be a fairer comparison agains the Alexia, but I'm wondering if anyone has heard the Evo and how it might compare. 
I have heard the Scala v1 and was impressed.  It's not Alexia 1, but, it's about half the cost (both used). 
Any comparisons Scala to Alexia? 
I'll be pushing with Simaudio Moon 700 series pre and amp.  Not sure of source yet. 

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Focal Scala Evo vs Wilson Audio Alexia 1
My friend had the Alexia 1 and then the 2 they are great speakers and I would prefer them. He had the big current Parasound Halo JC1’s monoblocks driving both the Alexia V1 and V2 and they sounded great, then he got the Gryphon Antillion Evo (stereo) and I couldn’t believe how much better in drive and effortlessness again the V2 sounded with the Gryphon.
Looking at the Sims Moon 700 series poweramp and what’s inside, I doubt that you’ll hear the best from the Alexia with that amp, as they have a combined impedance with -negative phase angle that looks to the amp like 0.9ohm in nearly the whole lower bass, and this demands serious current.
Cheers George
I've been a long-time fan of the ARC Ref 75 (w KT120s and 150s), and I've used it with Sasha 1, Alexia 1, and Sophia 3.  I recently had it w/ Sophia 3 and thought it was great - that was until I had a Simaudio Moon i700 for a few weeks.  I then put the Ref 75 (w/ Ref 3).  It was clearly not enough for the Sophia 3, sounded bloated and a bit out of control in the soundstage (Tin Pan Alley, best example).  The only thing it could do better than the integrated i700 is the air/atmosphere off stage in a few live recordings (clearest examples Ryan Adams at Carnegie, Neil Young Live at Massey Hall).  Everything else sounded better, minus the nth degree of intimacy in some close miked material, but even that was very close.  
..all this is to say, had I not heard this, I would've challenged you and said the Alexia sounded great with my Ref75 and 5SE before.  And it did. But now I know what people mean when they say, "It may sound great, but you're not realizing the full speaker's potential."  
Since I don't want to go down the rabbit hole of amps again, sticking with Moon, your comments are a strong vote for the Focal due to its ease with amplifiers. 
Thanks for the comments, George.  
Right! I know.  I'm fortunate to work for a tech/fab company and after about 6 months on the job, I caught myself complaining about the 'spa water' in the cafe; I was complaining to a co-worker, "All 5 of the options have an herb or a vegetable in them."  It hit me in the face, true 1st world challenges.  The struggle is real!
Thanks for the comment. It helps.  I had Sopra 2, and although it was very nice, not enough bottom end in my 14x21x10 room.  I also thought the Sopra 2 (with ARC reference) was a bit too much of a silvery sound.  However, when I listed online on Youtube - I know, I know - and compare the Sopras to the Scalas (v2 and Evo), it really sounds like they tweeter on the Utopia line is much more refined and less showy and 'silvery'.  
Thanks all for the comments :) 
I'm am most pleased to see that Focal is coming up on peoples radar.  If anything I've realized with my Scala, you pair it with the right gear, they will keep giving you endless pleasure.  
before getting my wilson sasha 2, i one of the candidate
was a focal diablo scala 3, the problem is that this focal
are to revealing to bad recordings making it bright and
fatiguing, whereas the sasha 2 is more balanced irregardless
of recording quality. Sasha 2 also has a hint of warmth in the mids
and lower bass which i like.

Good morning all!
My name is Simone and I am a new commer in this forum! I am writing from Italy.
First of all I would like to espress my gratitude to all of you! I have been reading this forum for a period of time and I have got a lot of very useful information!

Finally i decided to sign up because I would like to interact with you and ask a couple of question as follows:

I currently own the Focal Sopra 2, driven by McIntosh MC2000 and McIntosh C2700 as preamp.
I am considering to upgrade my Focal Sopra 2 with the Scala Utopia EVO or Scala Utopia VII.

The questions are:
1) Are there truly significant improvements in performance between the above mentioned loudspeakers in comparison to their respective prices? (Euro 29.300 for Scala EVO brand new);
2) I could have also the chance to get a pair of Maestro Utopia (previous model, not EVO) for 20k, brand new. Would it be worthy to go for them instead of Scala EVO? would it be a noticeble improvement in comparison with the Scala EVO?

Hope I have been clear and thanks in advance for your answers....!