Focal Sacala Utopia vs B&W 800D

I am purchasing Mcintosh MC601 monoblocks and will like to pair them with either Focal Scala Utopias vs B&W 800D. Has anyone heard both of these speakers?

I have heard the 802Ds driven by the MC601s and the dynamics were to be desired. I wonder if the 800D would be better. I am leaning toward the Focal, but the Scala is the 4th in line from top for Focal, while the 800D is one of teh best speakers B&W makes.

Would appreciate any input.
I added a new set of MC601 last month to pair them with my B&W 802 Diamond. I took the MC601 to friend home to play with his Focal Utopia Nova BE and his Audio Note System. And we all agreed that his system and my system sound completely different.
I want to hear as much information/details as possible. And they must be placed at the right place of the recording. Often you can hear lots of details, but you don't know exactly were they come from for room with no acoustic tweak.
The new 800 Diamond (Not 800D) endowed with the finest parts they’ve ever made and/or used, but sounds better than any other B&W speaker, past or present.
Would be a good battle. Never heard the two side by side and probably never will. I enjoyed the 800 Diamonds throughout my auditions...