Focal Profile 918 presentation

I’m tiring to find the optimum placement for my Focal Profile 918 in my system. The room size is 12X12’. It appears to me, that the placement doesn’t matter; I’m still getting presentation from between and behind the speakers. Do you get the same impression? My system: PL Dialogue Two, Sony NC555ES CD/DVD Player (great player by the way; compared to NAD C542 or Music Hall 25.5 what I use to have) and KK 4TC speaker cables. Thanks.
That would be trying ...not tiring. Sorry.
I like those Focals! They were imaging and transparency champions when I heard them.

Imaging and soundstage will probably be best up to 2-3 feet out from rear wall and not too close to side walls. You might want to toe in slightly as well. Make sure speaks are not too far apart and that sounds that should come from front and center do. Keep adjusting until everything comes together nicely.
I put acoustic panels (sound deadening) behind and the side of front speakers to eliminate that problem. I assume you are already tried to toe-in, toe out? How far have you tried setting them apart?
Good luck.
No, I haven't tried to toe-in yet, that will be my next step. I'm waiting for my 11X15X2" Maple Speaker Plinths with 1-1/2 cone spikes. The factory spikes are useless with my carpet. The speakers are kind of floating on the carpet. The speakers are 7 feet apart, 32" from the rear wall to the front of the speaker, I guess I'm there Mapman, and about 18" on the one and 34" to the other side to side walls. Next step: I have 36X48X1" acoustic panel on the way too. As you suggesting Nasaman, it's going between speakes on the front wall. Thanks guys,keep it coming i'll keep you posted on my progress. I can tell you now, that 918 are so easy to listen to, or is it Dialogue Two amp? Thanks.
Wow, all of the stuffs that you are are heading the right path. I just hope your acoustic panels be 2" thick instead of 1". Anyways, pretty sure you'll be so much happier AFTER you put the speakers on top of the maple and SPIKE them up. The bass will be much "tuneful" when moving the speakers around. Just curious where and how much are you buying the maples?
Note: even if you can max-out its full potential, the Focal 918's are limited and still being considered as entry level speakers in the world of 2-ch.
The maple comes from friend of mine: he had leftovers from his kitchen remodeling project….i just had them cut, stained with the ebony Minwax and protected with the clear satin Polyurethane…..Man; they turn out really sharp. I bought two sets of 1-1/2” cone spikes on eBay, $25 for set of four. I’m not sure about the sound improvement yet, but they are rock solid now. Yes Sir, I like them a lot. I didn’t get a chance to install the panel yet. I was thinking adding two diamond shaped 18X18X1” pieces on top of my panel too.
Yes, thanks for pointing that out; there are better systems out there. Unfortunately I have my other hobbies to maintain too, and I’m married …and I’d like to stay that way too.
The point is that I wanted make sure that I’m getting every penny out of my system. Thanks.
The entire Profile series didn't sound all that limited when I heard them. They are Focals mid though not top line, aren't they? They did most everything extremely well with little compromise. I came close to buying a pair myself. A pretty nice "entry system" I would say.
I use to have Triangle Celius ES, ( I know the newer ESW model as well), both models are to big for my 12X12 room. I had to turn the volume way up in order to get any presence of bass. I was considering Triangle Antal ESW or Profile 918. Finding Focals 918 new for $2k made my decision very easy. Comparing Profile to Celsius: I like Profiles 918 ability of feeling my room with adequate true and fast bass at 9 o’clock setting on PL amp volume dial. Profile 918 is not as “up front” as with Triangles, what I actually like on my Triangle Titus ES bookshelf speakers. I’m still tuning my rig for the “optimum” presentation, however i wouldn't dare to bring any bigger speakers than what I have in to 12X12 room for low volume listening.
Agreed- try 2-3 feet from side + rear walls.
Well what can I say after a month of tuning my system: The biggest improvement in sound quality in my system, was introducing 16X11 Maple Plinth bolted to the speaker, mounted on heavy duty cone spikes. Besides adding incredible stability to the speaker, the stands cleared the sound too: the bass is faster and very alive treble. I listen to Jazz most of the time, yet Led Zeppelins Moby Dick from the Japanese re-mastered CD never sounded so open: wall to wall, producing very sufficient bass. Next upgrade: a CD player up to $800 new or used, any suggestions? There are quite a few Rega Apollos for sale on the A’gone. Is it a good match for my Primaluna Dialogue Two?......... And significant improvement over Sony NC555ES changer?.........
I’ve found the answer to my previous question. I don’t care about the “bass extension” or “deep soundstage” anymore, what I hear is pure music, as close to life performance as I can remember. Do yourself a favor and give Raysonic CD128 a try. It worked for me.