Focal Profile 918 or B&W 683

Hello, everybody

I need some expert advices on these two loudspeakers, the Focal Profile 918 and the New B&W 683. I just enter the audio industry and wanting start off right. I have a 14 x 13 x 8 room, and will be running the B&W with Rotel or the Focal with Cambridge Audio. I've listened to the Focal Profile 918 at Tweeter and B&W at a local Dealer. The first time I heard B&W is thought the B&W 683. They sounded great, it was clear, and the bass was tight. After countless trips back and forward testing the speakers out, I found the Focal Profile on sales at the local Tweeter store. They have it on sale for 2400/pair (demo), however I manage to get the salesman to approved it at 1800/pair. The Focal Profile 918 sounded very good, I was impressed. Now I am stuck between two great speakers, and hoping if everyone have any advice on it. Thank You.


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Hi Ken,

Take a look at these two reviews.

Focal 918

B&W 683

I would go for the Profile 918. You were offered a great price for a better made speaker. It has also won a few awards. I also hope you plan on getting a subwoofer. You will need one.

I may be biased, I own a pair. ;-) See my system.
Hi. Joeyboynj, I like your system very much, but I think it too much $ for me. Thank you for the response.
I would also recommend the focal. The drivers are really nice, particularly the new tweeter. Treble is very refined. You cannot go wrong with these at that price!
Go FOCAL - you'll be happier in the long run, especially the money you are saving!
In my option JM Labs are just better made speakers. Much more advanced drivers and technology that leads to more open and transparent sound. But long brake in time is no joke if talking about JM Lab speakers. These can sound a bit harsh with no bass at first but after a couple of hundred hours is absolutely another story.
Wow. Thank You everybody, I will go for the Focal then. Hopefully the Cambridge Audio 540R V2 is a good choice. Thank you again for your advices, I will post up pictures when I have it all set up.
The Focal 918 are $4000, and the B&W 683 are $1500. The comparison is not fair, definitely go for the Focals at that price.
Do you guys think that the Cambridge Audio 540R V2 is a good way to go. they are on sale at 400
Hi Ken, What is your budget for the receiver? If we all knew that info we would be able to make more suggestions. Also, what minimal features are you look for? Just basic 5.1 surround? Please be more specific.
Joe, I wish I've waited to hear what you have to say before I pull the trigger. BTW I brought the Focal and driving it with a CA 540R V2. I know is a rookie mistake, after buying the speakers I have no more money left the amp components. They sound great; however I don't think I have driven them to their potential. I think the important thing is that I start out with a good pair of speakers and I will work my way up later. I am very glad that I when if the Focal.

Joe, I saw in your system that you have the platform under your speakers. Does that make a difference since I have hardwood floors? I will post up picture soon, when I have everything set up.
Thank you.
Thank You everyone who reply, your words are most Appreciated. Again Thank you. And look for my post later on.
Ken, I think Cambridge Audio is a VERY good starter receiver. Actually, glad you picked one up. I think you will enjoy it and are on the right track.

Also, the Focals take a long time to break in. Over time you will notice the bass get deeper and the midrange tighten up. It will take some time. So there is something good to look forward to. :-)

Since you have wood floors. Use the spikes that came with the speakers. There are threads under the speaker to screw them in. Also, get (8) Herbie's Spike Grounding bases to protect your floors from the sharp spikes. Here is the website
Plus they will provide spike vibration drainage. I think the small ones will work nicely. This will be much cheaper than buying Symposium Svelte Shelves and will probably have very similar results. The Svelte shelves will work on wood floors but they cost around $400.

Keep us updated and enjoy the music!
Thank you Joe for your comment :), and advice, I've looked at the website and think it will be a good investment, Thank you for everything Joe. I am too am enjoying my new Focal. I am very please with my purchase.
I posted my picture on budget minded forum. thank you everything everybody
Unfair comparising , try comparing Focal $4000 to B&W AROUND THE SAME PRICE RANGE ..AND YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH :):
the new cm line is 3 times the speaker that of a 683 from b&w
I have a pair of 918's I will sell you for $1,200.00 includes original boxes shipping in the US.
Not sure you noticed, but he posted 4 years ago.
Are you still selling the Focal 918's?
Posterone says, "the new cm line is 3 times the speaker that of a 683 from b&w." Couldn't disagree more.