Focal or Paradigm?

Is it same to assume that Paradigm and Focal bookshelf speakers, sound similar, as they both use the same (?) Beryllium tweeter?
I am specifically comparing the Paradigm S2 Bookshelf Signature to the Focal 1008be2. Any feedback on the above, most welcome please.
I have owned both brands and like the Focal best. I feel they image better but may lack a little oumph in the bass.
No, they do not sound the same.
OK, Thank you for your response.
Can you elaborate a little more please?
Have you heard them both?
Which sound would you prefer and please state your reasons- Why?
No detail required - but just a little more detail that would be more helpful please.
They use the same driver or just use the same driver material?

It has been a few years, but when I compared Focal to Paradigm the Paradigm speakers were quite a bit more bright sounding. They would have been my second choice, but I would have had concerns about their sound in my room that isn't fully carpeted.