Focal or Blaupunkt


I need to change the speakers on my car, nothing fancy. Taking in consideration that both brands cost about the same...which one do your think it's better....Focal or Blaupunkt ?

Instead of asking which one is better, seems like it'd be a better idea to listen to both and see which you prefer since you are the one that has to live with them.
I thought I'd get that kind of reply of which I thank you anyway. I just wanted to know if anyone had experience with both brands...unfortunately one dealer carries Focal and the other one Blaupunkt, my current car doesn't accept big speaker sizes and I don't want to start drilling it.

Any thoughts ?
Blaupunkt was a daughtercompany of Philips, and here in Europe is hardly available anymore due to reliabilityproblems. Focal is a well-respected speakercompany, which has done some innovative research, turning into very good-sounding speakers. So..... I would say: Focal.
I totally agree with Satch. Go with Focal first.

I ended up with Focal speakers for my car in the front w/some JL Audio stealthboxes in the back... The Focals sounded much more balanced than anything else I heard at the dealers, but I don't recall if they carried Blaupunkt. I always thought Blaupunkt got kudos for head units, but hadn't thought of them as a speaker company in any event...

BTW, I feel like a total ninny saying "fo-kal" instead of "fo-kul." On balance, saying "JM Labs" is even easier, so I've obviously got lots to learn about marketing. Anyone know hy they decided to consolidate everything under the Focal label anyway?
I agree...the Focal is a great speaker for the car. I heard a setup last year where a truck had focal speakers powered by McIntosh. It was great until you factor in road noise...My brother-in-law also has Focal speakers in his truck. He powers them with Butler Tube Driver amps.

I used to be one of those auto-audio nuts. It's nice to have a soundsystem for solo roadtrips, but alas I don't get to do that as much these days.
Thanks a lot for all the replies, I also think that Focal is a no brainer over Blaupunkt....but now I discovered another brand, now from Sweden and at almost the same price level: DLS , does anybody have experience with this brand ?.
This same shop also carries Morel car speakers but they are out of my budget for now.

Thanks again.

...ok, so now the second shop offers a DLS component system for the front and Morel speakers for the rear and just a couple of dollars over the Focal system.
What are your thoughts ?
Searched the car audio mags and it seems DLS is a pretty reputable company, and the speakers and drivers are actually made in Sweden.
So presently my truck is at the shop having DLS installes in tye front and Morel speakers on the back....we'll see how the combo sounds.
I have never heard Blaupunkt, but I can vouch for Focal.
My sister's husband is a car audio nut and he had them in his last car. Sounded very natural, so unlike the usual "glass tinted" car audio.
Mind you, he's a car nut in general....he had Gucci leather installed throughout at the same time.
Little G's and Focal.
Looked and sounded pretty damn cool.
Never heard of DLS, but I do know Morel. The higher end Morel's are really nice, but I would still prefer a Focal setup with good amplification - keep in mind though that I also have JM Labs speakers at home so you know where my loyalties are.