Focal mini utopia

What are folks experience with these as monitors? Specifically the non Be model.

Hi raymonda I actually have the Micro-Utopia original non Be version which is basically the same speaker minus the mid-woofer above  the tweeter. I love these speakers and have owned them for about 9 years now.  In my small room the sound is open and airy, very transparent without being dry, etched or bright. Imaging is also excellent plus the bass is surprisingly deep and quite satisfying. Lastly they are very easy to drive mine sound fantastic with a pushpull 17 watt tube amp. Obviously the Mini will go deeper in the bass and be more full range but I would expect the sound to be otherwise similar. Great little speakers, fantastically well built and to me under appreciated, once the Be version was released its as if the originals never existed. Too bad as they are very fine speakers.

Thanks for your response as it has more relevance than you thought. I posted about the mini when I actually meant micro.

Anyway, how high are your stands and what is your experience with placement for best respnse and imaging?

raymonda my stands are the factory matched stands 20" high I believe with the speakers themselves spiked to the stand but I'm not using the supplied spikes to the floor the bases just sit on my rug. Again my room is tiny and my setup not ideal but I ended up with the speakers about 24" from the rear wall, which is as far as my gf or the room will really allow. Toe in is slight each speaker firing  just outside my ear. This gives me good tight tuneful solid bass and good imaging between the speakers. They are 8 feet from the listening position and 4' apart not ideal but it's the best I can do. I'm sure the speakers maybe 2 feet further apart and maybe 6-12 inches further into the room would make them image magnificently. In our 800sq ft condo I am at the very limit of my gf's tolerance. I do have some pics up on my system page.
Great, I have some 20 inch stands. My room is bigger by far but I have 2 M&K 150mkii subs to use. How well will they integrate and will their tweeters be in the same league as my Maggie's ribbons?

BTW my electronics will consist of Audible illusions.3a and Rogue M120's.
I don't use subs so no idea how they will integrate but I will suspect no issues they seem to roll off gradually and smoothly in the low end. I also have never owned Maggies so can't really say how the tweeters will compare but Focal is known for their tweeters, they are used by other manufacturers and this was their very best tweeter when these speakers were released. And your electronics sound like a good match these speakers love tubes and the added warmth keeps them from getting bright and I feel nicely fleshes out the mid-range.
raymonda any update on the speakers? I would love to hear your impressions when they arrive I don't know anyone else who has these but me. Thanks!

They arrived on thursday....I set them up on Friday and one of the mid drivers was doa. 

I sent the one speaker back for repairs. Most likely won't get it back for a fewe weeks.


Raymonda oh no bummer!! So sorry to hear that dude! Glad your able to get it fixed though on good thing about Focal is it's easy to get drivers they produce to many. I hope whoever sold them to you is covering the repair! Good luck and let me know when your up and running!
I got them from The Music Room and they are as disappointed as I am. I'm sure they are going to make it right. They returned my call and connected me to their servers dept. Immediately. They seemed to be all over it.

When I finally get them back in will update you with my impressions.

Oh cool I was actually guessing you got them from TMR because I saw their ad, they have a great rep and I'm sure they will take care of you. And I must say that red finish looks great I have the standard finish and more than a bit jealous! :)
I'm sure it will be an "all is welll that ends well" experience.

I am sure it will also and good attitude! Keep me posted.
I had the Focal mini utopias in my room for maybe a year,I found them to be just ok at best.Nothing I would ever want again.The tweeters never sounded that great, almost shrill at times through various electronics.With a Rel sub they sounded a tad netter but Id pass...I would look at the Dynaudio C1 for starters,a much better monitor in every respect
@raymonda  any updates?
So still no speakers Raymonda?
they had to order a replacement driver from focal and it is being shipping from France. Still waiting for ts arrival. 
raymonda sorry to hear that but glad it's being taken care of and hang in there man!